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The Importance of Diagnosis


Not Knowing the Nature of a Pancreatic Cyst may soon become “a Thing of the Past”

Evaluating Pancreatic Cysts

Because Cellvizio enables the visualization of the cyst wall at the cellular level while an endoscopic examination is taking place, it provides information that assists the physicians.1-6 The System’s ability to do this is dependent upon the amount of tissue inspected and the physician’s ability to correctly interpret the images obtained.a-c

How Cellvizio Works

Cellvizio performs microscopic imaging of pancreatic cysts during an endoscopy and through a needle, to determine the presence of various conditions such as cancer.

See if Cellvizio is Right for You

If you are faced with the need to confirm a diagnosis of pancreatic cysts and the potential for pancreatic cancer, or if you wonder whether Targeted Biopsy can enhance surveillance of your condition and/or treatment, ask your physician about the procedure using Cellvizio.