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The Importance of Diagnosis

Importance of a Good Diagnosis

  • Medical History. Previous experience of abdominal injury or pancreatitis may indicate a pseudocyst (benign cyst).The characteristics and location of the pancreatic cyst, along with age and sex, can help doctors identify the type of cyst.
  • CT Scan. Used to provide detailed information regarding the structure of a pancreatic cyst.
  • MRI Scan. Used to highlight subtle details of a pancreatic cyst, including whether or not it has solid components.
  • Endoscopic Ultrasound. Can provide a detailed image of the cyst and collect fluid for analysis in a laboratory, through a fine needle aspiration (FNA) procedure.

Targeted Biopsy of a Pancreatic Cyst

With Cellvizio Targeted Biopsy, cellular evaluation of the pancreatic cyst wall is performed during the endoscopic examination.

Cellvizio Targetedl Biopsy utilizes the world’s smallest microscope and laser imaging technology in conjunction with today’s endoscopic instruments to help doctors to identify tissues at the cellular level during an endoscopic procedure.

Ask your doctor

If you are faced with the challenges of pancreatic cysts and the need to find out if they may be cancerous, ask your physician how Cellvizio Targeted Biopsy can help.